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“I pledge that at all times Ultra 26 Products will represent the absolute cutting edge of both Medical and Sports Science”

Chris Perry, MD, CNSC, CISSN
Founder & CEO

Dr. Chris Perry, Founder of Ultra 26 Nutrition, Running

When Dr. Chris Perry developed Ultra 26 Sports Nutrition he did so with both science AND the athlete in mind.

I am a physician that specializes in both emergency medicine and critical care medicine. In both environments, I treat patients who are critically ill and whose bodies are stressed to life-threatening extremes. Understanding the body’s stress response is crucial to providing the best possible care to my patients. When someone’s life is on the line, there is no room for error!

As someone who is certified in both clinical nutritional support (CNSC) and sports nutrition (CISSN), I have extensive training and experience in using nutrition to improve outcomes for those whose bodies are pushed beyond their normal limits. I know that your body needs the right fuel at the right time when it is fighting a tough battle.

I am also an avid runner, swimmer, and fan of all things sports. For me, there is no greater feeling than pushing my body to new limits, especially in competition against others.

However, as a competitor, I found myself becoming more and more frustrated at the lack of evidence in the sports supplement world. I found that the supplement industry was very heavy on fads and marketing buzzwords, and very light on actual science. As an athlete, I didn’t care about the latest marketing trend, I just wanted products that worked!

I created Ultra 26 Sports Nutrition® Products with this in mind. My proprietary formula is based simply on the the latest research from both the medical and sports science worlds. Nothing is added purely for marketing reasons. No fads. No buzzwords. Just MORE of what you need, NONE of what you don’t.

“My pledge to you is that at all times Ultra 26 Sports Nutrition® Products will represent the absolute cutting edge of both medicine and sports science.”
Chris Perry, MD, CISSN, CNSC
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