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Ultra 26™ considers the safety of our products to be our top priority at all times.

We review the literature of both the sports science and the medical communities DAILY to ensure that what we provide to our customers have been demonstrated to be safe. If there is ever a significant question to an ingredient with regards to its safety, we simply do not include it in our products. PERIOD. Regardless of any ergogenic benefit. We will never compromise safety or health in the pursuit of performance.

However, as with any nutritional supplement, we strongly recommend speaking to your physician prior to beginning a new product, as you may have personal health issues related to a specific ingredient. We especially recommend caution if you have ever been told that your heart has an abnormal rhythm, as our products contain caffeine. We advise not taking our products in combination with additional sources of caffeine and, in accordance with guidelines, not taking more than 400 milligrams caffeine in total per day.